Для мене Київ завжди був центром усього: від культури до економіки, від політики до мистецтва, від науки до винахідництва. Найсвітліші голови та найпалкіші серця завжди намагалися дістатися столиці та підкорити її, бо вона давала і дає можливість для цього. Місто володіє усім необхідним для реалізації бажань, але навіть попри це залишається у ньому завжди щось своє, особливе.

As we look at musical phenomena nowadays, some immediately reveal all the shallow motivation in them, right down to target audience and western references. That`s no big deal, since people`s needs in music, love it or not, are already prone to scientific analysis and systematization. But the fact that such a cold-blooded approach offends the ear and harms your ability to believe a musician is hard to ignore. And if you ask me about Ukrainian projects that derive their passion from within their soul rather than following a trend, then one of the first to recall is a Ukrainian-Polish acoustic emo project Light Matters.


Українська стонер і сладж сцена — одна з найприкольніших у Європі та одна з найбільш недооцінених. Особливо це стосується сладжу. У нас є гурти дуже хорошого рівня, і вони продовжують рости та розвиватися. Приклад тому - новий, четвертий в дискографії, альбом
черкаських любителів палеонтології та лікувальних трав, сладж/дум дуету Celophys. Альбом отримав назву "Fried Chordata", тобто "смажені хордові". Чудово ж!

Beat and sing it out, play it the way to erase borderlines of continents and ages, joy and sorrow. Give the youth power over what comes out onto paper, what gets free from speaker grid, throat, recording studio, Ukraine, New York, from everywhere, even from your rebellious hearts.

Have Tychyna’s groves ever murmured electrically? In the “Veselo” album of Kurs Valut they move us back into the reality after the excursion among abandoned Dnipro-based plants. It’s a music of cataclysms, persistent depressions, unable to lull a baby to sleep, though, gives a reason to smile.

The prevailing conservative majority in Ukraine and throughout the world believes that changes are always for worse, or at least it is a strange game with a taste of treason. But in order to live in the modern world, we must accept the only constant — changes.

Would you follow the moody storytelling of Kyiv gothness, dare you to visit the City of Nothing, leaving your own, very alike one? Because all the lyrics, as Oksana Bryzgalova says, are truthful, based on the life all of us live.

The frequency of Beyond The Pleasure's releases and their activity can be envied — the band, in about three years of its existence, released more songs and video clips than most of the native bands. In addition, the band went to a couple of tours (not only in Ukraine but also visited Europe, and now goes on a second trip to the West). But, at the same time, all their attempts to get into music were unsuccessful.

The Ukrainian school of death metal is not often pleased with the views of Florida. Recently, the albums of this direction come from a landmark in Sweden (for example, a super-band Necrom). So, for a long time, gentlemen from the band Bleeding have released an album that had the spirit of Florida, but not so much that it could be said that the brain was directly damaged by rotten Southern flesh.

Suddenly, simply from nowhere appears a new album by the band with the weird name Дідько Лисий (Bald Devil), which would be more suitable for some caricature black metal or something else in this spirit. However, this bias is refuted with the first sounds that immediately say that everything is not so easy.

"When it is really sweet, sugar is not needed." You can see a such vanilla phrase if you visit coffee shop "Lvivska Maisternia Shokoladu". No, this is not an advertisement, this is the most apposite intro.

Not often there are releases about which you want to say nothing, except destructive critics: praise, stories about what can be done; laudatory odes and stuff like that. That's true — when everything is fine, then there is nothing to add.