"Brekka" — an album recorded by the band Pree Tone in Iceland. Almost falling off a cliff in their car, the band spent four days in a small studio far from civilization. Today we finally listen and evaluate the result of that work. 

If you somehow missed the debut mini-album from the Ragapop project, here are some reasons why you still should listen to it.

Today, the RobustFellow label presents the second mini-album of the band Ooze, which managed to change the sound quite a lot in a year. We tell you what to expect from this work. 

This weekend the debut mini-album of the Kyiv's citizens The CoW was released, captivating with its psychedelic atmosphere. 

In March, the Ukrainian singer presented her first long-awaited full-length "Enigma" to the audience. We explain why this is a confident application to get into the top of the year. 

Sasha Boole's fourth full-length album was released today. We'll tell you how it differs from the previous one and why you should not postpone listening to it. 

Statist позиціюють свою крайню роботу як "саркастичну сатиру на елементи повсякденного життя та статистичну оцінку простих побутових ситуацій, які відбуваються з нами щодня, приправлену чорним гумором". Олександр Нечай послухав EP та ділиться своїми враженнями. 

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A year ago, the Chernihiv supergroup released their debut full-length album. If you haven't listened to it yet, we're explaining why it's worth doing.

The history of this unconventional Ukrainian ensemble began back in 2011 with the forming of Parallax. 2013 saw the band renaming to Ignea and releasing their "Sputnik" EP. 2017 became the year when the "The Sign of Faith" was out, and this year the Kyiv quintet led by Helle Bogdanova finally presents us with their conceptual longplay with a solid instrumental base and oriental-sounding melodies, as well as lyrical and sometimes brutal vocals organically woven into this groundwork.

На початку грудня минулого року миколаївський ванменбенд розродився дебютним повноформатником "Night & Love". Як підказує сама назва, тут знайшлося місце і класичному блек металу, і романтиці.