Обзоры по автору Владислав Зарічнюк

Ternopil-based rednecks who want to create a dub-taxi, ring with percussion cactus needles, play for twenty dancing children in Buchach, live within the chamber Ternopil – “musical Mecca of Ukraine” and record raw pieces in total isolation, in clear field with birds and wind at Vadim Voznyak’s studio.

Have Tychyna’s groves ever murmured electrically? In the “Veselo” album of Kurs Valut they move us back into the reality after the excursion among abandoned Dnipro-based plants. It’s a music of cataclysms, persistent depressions, unable to lull a baby to sleep, though, gives a reason to smile.

He’s "just a fool": he doesn’t want to earn money with Bitcoin, to sniff coke, to live in the city center, to visit Closer parties, to hear from Zabuzhko or Andrukhovych – these are parts from a joke-song, the one Malo plays live only. Seems like it’s a particle of Ivasyuk’s 70’s estrade, compacted to the guitar and voice. So what? Good things have small beginnings.