He’s "just a fool": he doesn’t want to earn money with Bitcoin, to sniff coke, to live in the city center, to visit Closer parties, to hear from Zabuzhko or Andrukhovych – these are parts from a joke-song, the one Malo plays live only. Seems like it’s a particle of Ivasyuk’s 70’s estrade, compacted to the guitar and voice. So what? Good things have small beginnings.


Remorse is one of the oldest active hardcore bands in Ukraine (if not the oldest). The date of birth of the team is the end of 2001. Despite this, among, actually, hardcore bands, at least in Kyiv, the band has never been particularly in favor. The fact is that their music has significantly more grind, crust, trashcore, and sometimes near-debut motifs than is customary (Remorse members are also involved in projects like Fecality (goregrind / grindcore), Keepleer 18 (sludge), Traven´ ( very cool experimental project, unfortunately, leaving behind only one track on the compilation of Electric Funeral Cafe).