Дідько Лисий — Ілюзія Праведності (2018)

The Ukrainian school of death metal is not often pleased with the views of Florida. Recently, the albums of this direction come from a landmark in Sweden (for example, a super-band Necrom). So, for a long time, gentlemen from the band Bleeding have released an album that had the spirit of Florida, but not so much that it could be said that the brain was directly damaged by rotten Southern flesh.

Suddenly, simply from nowhere appears a new album by the band with the weird name Дідько Лисий (Bald Devil), which would be more suitable for some caricature black metal or something else in this spirit. However, this bias is refuted with the first sounds that immediately say that everything is not so easy.

For over a decade, Poltava's madmen have been devastating stereotypes that the band's name must necessarily relate to deployment, cannibalism, the nuclear holocaust, disgust of all sorts and to every taste. A simple, like a Ukrainian character, however, rather creepy, if you meet him alive, is the personification of the unclean in religious mythology.

So, without the One that gives Knowledge, not one of the albums and EP was made. Perhaps, of course, not in proportions like Deicide or Morbid Angel, whose influence on creativity with Cannibal Corpse is incredibly felt, but the texts are always filled with the dark side of philosophy, which is mixed with some socially painful topics, which gives reason to believe that the guys also have a grindcore roots.

However, when the debut album "Твій бог — Дідько Лисий" ("Your God — Bald Devil") (2012) and EP "Мізантроп" ("Misanthrope") (2014) has a more straightforward death-metal course, the new album "Ілюзія Праведності" ("Illusion of Righteousness") has a little more original structure and concept. Florida disgust combined with the special Ukrainian experimentation.

No, there is nothing extraordinary. Everything is united in such proportions that there are no obsolete formulas — the soil material that is just interesting to listen to. The invisible hand of the death-metal devil climbs out of the speakers, grabs your head and makes for a lasting banging or aggressive cool dancing. The only problem is not such a dense, fatty sound that has rolled the roof on the first releases. To hear every instrument, even you can disassemble the texts, everything is well recorded, the level of performance does not make it doubtful that the spirit of the Florida school lives in Poltava. However, the assembly and mastering seem to be done by people who are bad experts in the metal.

There is also a cover issue. The band is likely to have a special sense of humor because it is too deep-rooted in the worst sense of the word. If art with a clear socio-political subtext can still be forgiven, then the font and location and size of the logo designer should be strictly reprimanded.

Yes, with all this, the overall impression is much better than the previous paragraphs could create. This impression is especially impressed by the work of the drummer, who technically reproduces same Florida so that if it were not the texts in Ukrainian, it would be possible at first sight to say that these are some local followers of the bands mentioned a little earlier.

"Фобія Страху" ("Fear of Phobia") has the full right to be one of the most philosophical tracks. Not a very dance song has a calm, like metal scrapie, a musical canvas, which makes it more deeply absorbed, hear the sound of a rational addition to music. The use of the "depths" keys in "Врятуй Себе Від Пекла" ("Save yourself from Hell") and the strange mood changes in the "Ілюзія Праведності" ("Illusion of Righteousness") track leads to remote associations with ancient masters of darkness and allows us to think that something further awaits us further.

It is very strange why such band is paid little attention from listeners. Perhaps there is a bias "oh, some kind of stupid name/cover — I will not listen", or some prejudice to the personalities of musicians who may also not be very interested in promoting their own creativity. But if everyone shakes his snobbery as much as possible, then a treasure that has a tremendous value will be found. At the very least, there is very little real death-metal in Ukraine. There is not a single echo of nu-metal, here's just outrage about a disgusting sore.

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1. Інтро
2. Чому Я?
3. Плюнь Та Розітри
4. Фобія Страху
5. Здохни (З Днем Народження)
6. Врятуй Себе Від Пекла
7. Ілюзія Праведності
8. Аутро