Beyond the Pleasure - Party Metal (2019)

The frequency of Beyond The Pleasure's releases and their activity can be envied — the band, in about three years of its existence, released more songs and video clips than most of the native bands. In addition, the band went to a couple of tours (not only in Ukraine but also visited Europe, and now goes on a second trip to the West). But, at the same time, all their attempts to get into music were unsuccessful.

Yes, the first release "God of War" (2017) sounds decent sometimes and is well recorded, but acts of God happened here — it turns out that the band is far from being as good live as all this is recorded on EP. Few people can be surprised by the fussy material, a huge percentage of which during concerts is simply issued from the laptop, but bad vocals along with frankly bad music on subsequent tracks make the glory of the band going ahead of it.

Even beautiful and expensive clips do not save the situation (by the standards of the market/scene), where an explicit emphasis is placed on objectification (hello to half-naked women in every video!), As well as pathetic and bad vulgar style of bands behavior in social networks and in interviews. Guys, being cheeky is not style, seriously.

The second release of "Take Me Back To Hell" (2017) traces all the same problems that were revealed during the debut performance on BUMA 2017 — the disgusting vocals and weak musical component are visible from the beginning to the end of the recording. Nevertheless, a band made a funny experiment and somewhat simplified the music: if there were many complex guitar moves and generally technically sophisticated material on "God of War", then a simpler and more primitive track writing scheme has already been created - we write tunes designed to stuck in the head and put them in every chorus.

But on the new EP "Party Metal" the band was able to jump even higher (if you can call it that) in composition and even lyrical terms. When listening to new tracks, you ask yourself if Dmitry Gubsky (vocalist and BTP leader) was not too much inspired by the Space of Variations album — Mind Darknet? And as a result, he took all the worst from there (though, there is very little good on that record).

Want a recitative like the guys from Vinnitsa have? Now, Beyond The Pleasure has it! What about electronics and texts about companies, parties, alcohol? Please, all 4 songs about this. All this is under the sauce of the maestro Dmitry's signature vocal, as they say, the cherry on the cake. And inside the desert itself, we have inappropriate inserts written in FruityLoops a la SOV and even some Poplavsky (like on the Party Hard track), boring riffs and a taint of secondary material itself through the entire release timing.

I would like to analyze the lyrics of each song and quote directly with the indication "NEVER DO NOT DO IT", because you still have to try to write such vulgar, monotonous and dismal lyrics. It is not excluded that the lyrics of the entire album were written on the knee during a taxi ride home after another disco, which impressed the musicians so much that they decided to dedicate an entire release to this orgy.

Dance! Dance! Don’t Stop!
Jump! Jump! Don’t Stop!
Move! Move! Don’t Stop!
Shake your fucking ass! Don’t Stop!
"Don’t Stop"

Money makes us happy, man, oh, this godlike feeling
Fuck, fuck, fuck this bitch, until she is screaming!
"The Only One Rule"

Night came down on city, I’m exhausted, the shadow of my former self,
I’m a bit drunk and don’t give a fuck, but it’s nothing in and of itself
Somewhere in the back of my aching flesh the devil’s spark is hiding
I’m going to release myself, my contradictory emotions are colliding!
"Party Hard"

Although, okay, the text for Party Hard was most likely written after the first disco and on the way to the second one. However, all this cheap and pompous pretentious scolding about alcohol and accessible women is sometimes accompanied by a disgusting recitative under the droning beat — as masters of the genre have aggrandized for praising all these values. It is also supported by a worn-eyed video clip, in which all the characters wear strange clothes, with a vocalist in an orange cape of a road worker, grills and eyes like Allj. One ass on two chairs.

The only thing you can praise Beyond The Pleasure for is perseverance and experimentation. The band has changed much in three years, and even so much that in the promotional photos for the new release one can only see the face of the frontman Dmitry Gubsky — either so that the rest are masked, or the previous participants suddenly left the rapidly rotting boat and now only session musicians take their ride to Europe with the captain, and for them it is nothing more than earnings. For which they, by the way, should not be ashamed.

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1. Burn With Me
2. Don’t Stop!
3. The Only One Rule
4. Party Hard