Foreign View: Jari "Poke" Kanervo (Finland)

Jari "Poke" Kanervo shared some thoughts about Ukrainian music and bands with us today. He holds one-man underground label & distribution Gate Of Deliria (since summer 2014) in Helsinki, Finland.

About the whole scene

I'm happy how strong the Ukrainian D.I.Y. scene is, especially in Kyiv.

Ukraine and Finland are in the same time zone. Maybe that's why so crazy bands come from our countries. Finnish underground bands Loinen and Frogskin have played at Robustfest in Kyiv. That's cool.

About bands and artists

These bands I know at least: 1914, BOMG, Celophys, Ethereal Riffian, Foible Instinct, Forever Wasted, Kasu Weri, Keepleer 18, Nonsun, OwlCraft, Skruta, Somali Yacht Club, Soom, Stoned Jesus. I can blame Filipp from Robustfellow for knowing so many bands from Ukraine. He contacted me four years ago. Robustfellow released the tape of Finnish band Frogskin, and he asked me if I'm willing to do trades. Our friendship started at that point.

My main focus is sludge, doom, grind and other experimental "shit". Ugly music for kind people.

I don't know any popular Ukrainian bands or artists and I don't care. The underground scene is what I seek.

About releases

I distribute some Ukrainian bands through my label & distro. And I have everything from bands like BOMG, Celophys, Forever Wasted, Skruta, Soom.....and "Electric Funeral Cafe" compilations in my personal collection.

A while ago I saw my friend wearing a SOOM baseball cap in Finland.

About labels

I do tape, CD and vinyl trading with Robustfellow. This is a good way to support the local scene and to get some interesting stuff in return. My label & distro is my non-profit hobby.

Some interesting releases by Ukrainian labels are Celophys — Fried Chordata & Ammonite, Soom — Djebars.

About concerts

I haven't been to concerts in Ukraine yet. My first visit will be to Kyiv next October. I can't wait for that... Ukrainian bands also haven't been to Finland. Hopefully someday.

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