Discovering French music scene: La Mathilde and 10 more interesting bands

La Mathilde have been to Ukraine for many times and are loved by many listeners here. We asked musicians what they remembered about those gigs, how’s their working on a new album and who they recommend listening to among their compatriots.


La Mathilde
Rock / Chanson band from Paris

The band released 4 albums and 3 EPs, performed approximately 200 gigs, and they are still stubborn enough to believe that "asthmatic accordion, winded saxophone and coughing guitars can match, somehow".


Future album

We’ve been working on our 5th full length since the first lockdown (March 2022), while all of us were stuck at home. It’s been written from a distance, using cracked softwares. Considering our rehearsal venue was closed, it’s been a slow process and it took us ages to put it all together. We found an old plastic factory that we turned into a studio. The album’s been recorded between April and December of 2021.

This 12 tracks release is definitely our most culminated project — both technically and emotionally. It’s also the heaviest album we’ve ever recorded. It’s gonna be available by the end of February/beginning of March on all streaming platforms.

First single from the new album

Connection with Ukraine

We started touring Ukraine in 2016 and never really stopped since then. This country has given us the most heartwarming welcome of our entire life as a band. The DIY scene there is genuine and reckless, which are features we’re attached to. Our last tour in Ukraine took us to 14 cities within 15 days. We’ve met many great people/bands:: Sasha Boole, Elephant Opinions, The Nietzsche, Septa, Somali Yacht Club, Raw Grip, КАТ, Alina Pash, Як Ми, ДЭПО…

Performance in Kalush, 2016

Underground scene in France

To be honest, Paris scene never was the most vivid. There are so many bands/shows here, that people are kind of jaded. But France, as a whole, has a lot to offer when it comes to festivals. Young garage and grunge bands are emerging and it’s great to see how they manage to renew those genres.

French scene and COVID

Well, obviously, DIY organizers suffered from the pandemic, but the cool thing is that plenty of local artists kept on releasing material online. That was their/our way to keep on existing as musicians, but also a way to prove that not being able to perform live didn’t mean we’d collapse. Basically, the internet prevented us (artists, bands, people) from isolation and defection. We often complain on how hectic our lives are, so this situation forced us to spend spare time wisely: writing new songs.

Top 10 French bands (who they are and why we picked them):


Guizmo - French hip-hop from Paris suburbs which is more sorrowful than any black metal or screamo band.

Bruit Noir - I found out about them during the first confinement and that was the best thing that could happen to me. A very cynical and sarcastic songwriting. No melody, at all. 



Johnny Hallyday "Requiem pour un fou" - The voice!

Bourvil "La tendresse" - The words!



Klub des Loosers - That’s French hip-hop from an "affluent" Paris suburb. One of the best songwriters for me. Their texts are realistic and disturbing.

Las Aves - A pop/rock band from the south of France. Powerful on stage with electro and metal influences, their concerts are among the best I’ve seen.



Meryem Aboualafa - A great voice, fine arrangements and a coherent album from beginning to end. Perfect for the end of the day and to rest.

Super Parquet - A psychedelic trio from Auvergne (region in central France) between traditional and electro! Three on stage and lots of beers. Very effective!



Laetitia Sheriff - Active since 2004, her music is as earnest as it is strong in terms of each album. She’s also a bassist and singer of a sort of post punk/prog band called Trunks, pretty neat.

Birds in Row - One of the most powerful active French bands for me. One guitar/voice, bass and drum power trio band with a strong efficiency.


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