Discovering Polish music scene: Skøv and 10 more interesting bands

Skøv — is the Polish punk metal band which has not performed in Ukraine yet but has its fan base here. In spring the guys released their second full-length album "Family Feast" which is worth our readers’ attention. Also the musicians recommended 10 interesting Polish performers to us.

Polish punk metal band from Wrocław

Skøv was formed at the end of 2017. The band comprises the vocalist Marcin Niewiadomski, the guitarists Mateusz Bajan and Wojciech Węgrzyn, the bassist Piotr Bolek and the drummer Michał Godzisz. Their main influences are rock and roll, black metal and punk rock. The band released two longplays – self-titled debut album "Skøv" in 2019 and "Family Feast" in 2021, both recorded and mixed in the Poznań Perlazza Studio. So far, Skøv has played nearly 100 gigs, including the biggest Polish festival ‘Pol’and’rock’ in 2019.

"Family Feast" album

"Family Feast" is our second album. By this release we continue developing the style that we started on our debut album. This time the album narrates about the indifference of society to the upcoming ecological disaster, how it occupies the mind with surrogate subjects. We made a few music videos and we are planning to release more music content related to "Family Feast" this year. After this whole pandemic situation, we’ll be touring. Right now we have one summer festival booked and a few independent gigs.


Connection with Ukraine 

We played one gig with The Unsleeping in Rzeszow, Poland. They were very professional and we loved their stage presence. We haven't performed in Ukraine yet but it is in our future plans. We have some fans from Ukraine living in our hometown. They are always very spontaneous backstage. What about Ukrainian metal scene – we know Jinjer.


Underground scene in Poland

The underground scene of Poland is very powerful, we have a lot of bands and independent artists playing very different kinds of music. Some individual artists even slipped into Polish mainstream but mostly these are indie-pop musicians and, of course, rappers. Very rarely we can tell this about whole bands. Sadly, we notice that live guitar music is less and less popular in our country, but there always will be fans of this kind of sound.


Polish scene and COVID

Independent underground artists mostly didn’t make living at their music, so they didn’t disappear because of pandemics. Of course, no one can play the gigs for a year so far and this is a disaster for our industry in general. We personally had more time to produce music, music videos, etc., and it’s very possible that the majority of our colleagues did the same and their content is just waiting for “normal” times.


Top 10 Polish bands (who they are and why we picked them)

Lastly Skøv named 10 interesting local bands from Poland we should listen to: 



A very young and uncompromising rapper. He comments on current political situation in Poland and on life in the big city underground.



Spacey stoner doom. Tough guitar riffs which take you to space filled with the time stretching matter.


Violent Answer

A fresh nu-hardcore band, Polish answer to Knocked Loose.


Bogdano Banani Deluxe

Newcomers of the 80's style underground rap scene. Lyrics are very melancholic and touchy.



Pure funk straight outta Cracow.



Groovy stoner rock with some tribal influences.



Polish technical/djent band. Quite big in our country but still deserves to be heard abroad.



A young rapper from north Polish coast. Classic old school flow.


Syndrom Paryski

Chilled post punk with the fancy lyric games, the songs are mostly about love.


Kasia Lins

A very ambitious Polish indie/avant-garde artist, writes smart lyrics and has an original sound.


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