Weekly Digest June 28 — July 4
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An album by At The Gates inspired by the philosophy of pessimism, a split-compilation of the Norwegian black-metalists Taake, progressive metalcore by Born Of Osiris, deep down journey with the Year Of No Light, also death metal, traditional metal, Spanish-language dis-punk, interesting mix of punk, stoner and heavy in our Weekly Digest.

At The Gates  Nightmare Of Being

The band At The Gates, which became the gold standard for melodic death metal, returns with a new album inspired by pessimistic thinkers and horror. As the vocalist and co-founder Tomas Lindberg Redant explains, the new album’s concept emerged from an intense period of reading and reflection. "I had just read something by Thomas Ligotti – he writes horror and there’s a lot of Lovecraft-like dark philosophy in there, the philosophy of pessimism. Then I found out that Ligotti had written another book called "The Conspiracy Against The Human Race", which is more a biography of a pessimist thought. I thought, ‘Wow, this is cool…’ and when I started reading that, it was him defending his worldview and going into detail about other pessimistic writers that had come before and how they can sometimes be connected to the horror genre. He namedropped so many people in that book, that it became a starting point for finding all this other stuff, and then I knew where we wanted to go with this record".

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Born Of Osiris  Angel Or Alien

Progressive metalcore from Born Of Osiris strikes hard with a new album featuring synths that at times resemble the In Flames band, when they were still good. Unexpectedly, it is the nice album in the genre which I rarely enjoy.

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 Butcher In The Fog  Exonerate Me, Baby

The Londoners Butcher In The Fog mix rock'n'roll influenced by punk rock and heavy metal in the spirit of Danzig, and sludgy stoner, creating a mixture I had no idea I needed in my life. I can only imagine how fun their live shows are.

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Drawn and Quartered  Congregation Pestilence

For fans of Incantation and Immolation, connoisseurs of death metal, which is half-jokingly called "cavern-core" due to the excessive usage of the word "cavernous" in the context of production in bands' press releases. Drawn and Quartered deliver the evil and intense music for those who gets it.

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Dream Tröll  Realm Of The Tormentor

"Making the old sound new again" is the positioning of British rockers Dream Tröll, the band that should be appreciated by everyone who has been captivated by the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM), which has been raging for the last five-ish years. The album opens with the track "The Tormentor" and the bass groove together with retro production make me fall in love with this record instantly. Great heavy music to get you charged.

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Mourn the Light  Suffer, Then We're Gone

If you successfully combine heavy metal, proto-doom, and gothic rock, you get a candy, probably "Ромашка", which is the most common at funerals. Mourn the Light at one moment delivers crushingly massive riffs, only to jump at the next turn, galloping along with the shades of classic power metal, taking hold, and leading the way, not forgetting the gothic drama in the lyrics and vocal parts. The music, however, is bad, sometimes it is better not to shoot anything at all that to do somethings like that.

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Porvenir Oscuro  Asquerosa Humanidad

The Spanish-language female-fronted hardcore punk/d-beat project from New York. Lyrically, the album narrates about the actual disapointment, lack of belief in the humanity and the enormous dis- (if you know what I mean) -respect to the government. So, as you see, everything fits usual punk rock as it should.

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Taake  Avvik

The new release of the Norwegian black metal band compiles tracks which never really fitted in to any of the Taake releases, and hence ended up on the "split-10" piece with Whoredom Rife, Deathcult and Helheim, released on different labels. Exclusively for this release, Dr Mikannibal of Sigh did Taake the honour of adding her saxophone to a slightly longer version of the Sisters of Mercy cover "Heartland".

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Year Of No Light – Consolamentum

With the album "Consolamentum", the French band Year Of No Light celebrates 20 years on stage and demonstrates the skill of creating multi-layered, heavy and, at the same time, dreamy enchanting music. Year Of No Light infuses the atmosphere for quite a bit on their tracks and culminations are not always where you expect them to be, but still you need to listen to such beautiful albums from cover to cover, and immerse yourself in the music, the explosion of colors is guaranteed then.

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