Weekly Digest 14-20 June
Author: Шпинат

Soundtrack-compilation by DC comics, power metal legends Helloween with three lead vocalists, new Fear Factory, British post-metal Bossk and art-punk The Lounge Society, female-fronted occult blues stoner by Heavy Tample together with garage rock and death doom in our Weekly Digest!

Authority Zero – Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

Arizona punk rock / reggae band presents a full-length album after their recently released EP. The band tries to get fans out of the post-covid depression, so the sun and reggae are definitely helping.

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Bossk – Migration

Bossk is a metallized post-everything band from Ashford, Kent, England. Their second full-length album "Migration" was released by Deathwish Inc and will appeal to those who love heavy and atmospheric music. The album also features songs with frontmen of Palm Reader and Cult Of Luna!

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Deap Vally – American Cockroach

All female garage rock duo Deap Vally with their new EP: "These are songs for the underdog, the outlaw, the defeated, for days when you feel like no one understands you or you can’t do anything right". The girls on this EP were joined by the guitarist Jennie Vee from Eagles Of Death Metal and bass guitarist of Savages – Ayse Hassan. Hazy and mellow music.

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Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum

I've never been a huge fan of Fear Factory, their cyber-metal didn't scratch the right itch for me, except for the album "Demanufacture", the importance and influence of which is hard to deny, so I approached the album "Aggression Continuum" without any expectations. And it's for the best, because it seemed ok to me, and if I expected something, I could have been disappointed. But I still have a lot of respect for Dino Cazares, because even though the work on the album was difficult – the court for the rights to the name "Fear Factory" exhausted him financially, the vocalist Burton C. Bell left the band (his vocals remained on record though) and a bunch of difficult and unpleasant things happened – Dino released this album. Let's see how fans will like this album.

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Heavy Temple – Lupi Amoris

Stoner doom that is more on a psychedelic-rock and blues side of the spectrum from the Philadelphia-based trio. Great cover, mesmerizing guitar, nice sound, and cool vocals of the frontwoman with no less outstanding nickname – High Priestess NightHawk. The band has been rocking for 9 years already and this is their debut full-length album, but such album is worth the dedicated time.

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Helloween – s/t

I really like the extraordinary approach of the German power metal band Helloween. As usual, if the original vocalist or guitarist returns, the one who occupied his place is out the door. Helloween went the other way. After success of the Pumpkins United tour in 2017, in which former members Kai Hansen (guitar and vocals) and Michael Kiske (vocals) joined the band, the Germans released an album that found a place for everyone. 3 lead vocalists (Kai Hansen sings too) – Helloween's self-titled album really sounds like Helloween and warms my heart!

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The Lounge Society – Silk For The Starving

The British The Lounge Society is a resident of Speedy Wundergorund Records, label that released music by Squid, whose album was recently praised in Weekly Digest, Black Midi, and others. The band plays politically charged art-punk that combines a love to the 60-70s psychedelic rock and early punk in the spirit of Television and The Heartbreakers.

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Thorn - Crawling Worship

Earlier this month, I was fascinated by the new album from Fluids (really, if you like meaty brutal death metal and bloody horror samples, but somehow missed this release – do yourself a favor and go listen to this tasty LP). And now we have an opportunity to listen to the death doom project of the Fluids vocalist, who performed all instruments on this one. The album "Crawling Worship" is not standard for the genre, in which tracks are usually timed somewhere between 6 and 20 minutes, here we have bangers, the longest of which is 3:40 seconds. That makes the album and the songs really re-listenable. A decent album.


Various Artists - Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack

"Dark Nights: Death Metal" is a 2020–2021 comic book storyline published by DC Comics, consisting of an eponymous central miniseries by the writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, and a number of tie-in books. The crossover was received with an acclaim, with critics praising the unique plot, the art, the action, and the ending. Just as the lauded "DC Dark Nights: Death Metal" series isn’t a typical superhero storyline, and this musical counterpart isn’t a typical superhero soundtrack either. The acclaimed producer Tyler Bates has united an array of artists across the various genres — including Mastodon, Denzel Curry, Manchester Orchestra, Chelsea Wolfe, IDLES, and Soccer Mommy (full tracklist below) — forming his own musical supercrew. 

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