01/04/2012 г. Киев, паб "Засідка"
01/04/2012 г. Киев, паб "Засідка"
Паб "Засідка"


? Migre LeTigre (Switzerland, ex-Rentokill) - http://soundcloud.com/migreletigre
? Greg Rekus (Canada, ex-High Five Drive) - http://www.purevolume.com/gregrekus
? Romeo (Russia, Kung Fu Devils)
? Unhugged (Kyiv)

start: 19:00
entr: 30 uah
where: клуб Засідка (Боженко, 86н) http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CJsdNVNd - приміщення з опущеними жалюзями - це і є Засідка

Migre Le Tigre

One-man acoustic disco

Founded in april 2011, the project started with a few weekendshows in Switzerland. After meeting one and only Joachim "Jeogg" Budweiser the plan was to record my acoustic stuff in the last week of june. So we locked ourselfes into the studio for 4 days and created my debut-album "Dancing Through The Flames", which is my first solo-experience after years of playing in Bands such as RENTOKILL, NRK, TOMORROW`S ASHES, and the ultra proffessional THE REAL SUPER MARIO BROTHERS FROM FUCKING ITALY.




Greg Rekus

I play guitar and sing and dance on a stage with tamborines mounted to it.

Starting off 2012 with a bang, or maybe more accurately a stomp, Greg Rekus is teaming up with Ottawa’s folk punk commander Jon Creeden, and Baltimore’s political folk activist The Ghostwrite to unleash a massacre of music and mayhem across the Pacific side of North America. After a very successful year of touring Canada and the States in 2011, Rekus is filling in some of the blanks as well as revisiting a few familiar stops on the way. Starting off in Winnipeg on Jan 4th, Greg is playing his way west to Vancouver and crossing into the USA for the 2nd time, touring his way south as far as California. After making his mark on the West coast he doubles back to the Midwest for a few shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, and St Paul and more. ?

Live, Greg’s act can be described as punk rock meets outlaw country hooked up to a huge transformer to kick up the energy to 1.21 gigawatts. The lyrical content stretches from drinking in your favourite bar, to the friends you have, to quitting your job, political jousting, life in general, and then back again. All this when strumming the hell out of an acoustic guitar and stomping the beat out on his custom built stomp box.

2010 - Demo

2012 - The Dude Abides




Рома з юних років захоплюється панк роком. В свої 20 він встиг побути учасником колективу Straight My Head, який був активним з 2008 по 2011 рік, зібрати колектив Wrong Again та стати учасником славнозвісних хардкор панк молодців Kung Fu Devils. В турі з Грегом та Мігре, Рома дебютує, як сольний виконавець.



Молодий колектив, учасників якого єднає любов до панк року та гітарної акустичної музики. Свіжа кров Київської сцени.