TANK comments on the tracks of Ukrainian bands

The legendary British band TANK will visit Ukraine for the first time with a single concert on April 20. The legendary collective has kept the mark of high-quality heavy metal for almost 40 years. Metallica went to the first European tour with them, Lemmy was their fan, Sodom and Destruction perform covers on them!

TANK will present a new album and play their best hits in Kiev. But we also decided to find out what the band expects from the performance in Kyiv and what do they think about the songs of some Ukrainian bands.

- For now, this is your first and only concert in Ukraine. What expectations do you have?

- We are very excited to be coming to Ukraine and feel privileged to be invited to come and play our style of British Heavy Metal to the metal fans of Ukraine. We know it's going to be a crazy night and we will be playing songs from the entire history of Tank.

We look forward to meeting the fans and talking about metal while drinking a few beers together. Come and join us on Saturday, April 20th and experience a night or real Heavy Metal!

- What do you know about Ukrainian metal-scene? Can you name a few interesting bands you like or know?

- We know nothing about the Ukrainian metal scene so it's going to be very interesting for us to share the stage and listen to the 3 support bands that are playing the show with us on Saturday. We can all learn from each other and make it a great night to remember.

- Can you please give a quick listen to these three Ukrainian bands and write your thoughts or associations about them?

This band has a great understanding of melody and they are obviously very talented musicians. They remind me of Dragonforce. The original Dragonforce vocalist 'ZP Theart' was a member of TANK in 2015 when we recorded our 'Valley of Tears' album. He would love Sunrise!

These guys have some really cool guitar riffs and a great raw edge to their sound. They've got an 80's vibe and I know they're going to kick ass on Saturday night!

There's a lot of energy going on here and some interesting musical arrangements. There's a definite early Iron Maiden influence going on and that's always a good thing!

I'm really impressed with these three bands and it's great to get an idea of what's going on in the Ukrainian metal scene. It's going to be a fantastic show on Saturday night with many styles of metal to keep every headbanger happy! 


The concert will take place on April 20 in Kiev, Volume Club. Tickets can be purchased online

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