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Rock Список групп раздела | art rock, post-rock, prog-rock, indie rock, noise rock, math rock, southern rock, post-punk, britpop, space rock, garage rock, etc.

Метки: country, rock
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I open up my wallet and it's full of blood
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Германия The BossHoss

Группа с Берлина, которая играет, какое-то непонятное country с примесью рок-н-ролла и еще непонятно чего, нашел случайно, когда искал песню Gay Bar группы Electric Six, оказалось у них есть кавер на эту песню, в общем, мне понравилось - скачал всю дискографию.

Биография (на русском нет, а переводить лень, может быть потом)
The band was formed in 2004 in Berlin by Alec "Boss“ Völkel, Sascha "Hoss“ Vollmer and Michel Frick and named after the eponymous song by The Sonics. They were featured in the trendsetting music show Tracks (on the French/German TV channel ARTE) and played live during the Kiel Week. In late 2004 they signed a record deal with Universal Music Domestic Division.

In 2005 they released their debut album "Internashville Urban Hymns" and a promotional contract with the ice cream producer Langnese, for which they covered "Like Ice in the Sunshine", the theme song from a Langnese's TV spot. The band played about 180 concerts that year. In 2005 they took over and adapted very well "Ca plane pour moi" from the Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand.

In 2006 BossHoss provided the soundtrack for the football movie "FC Venus". Release of the first single "I Say A Little Prayer" on April 28 and the second album "Rodeo Radio" on May 19. Half of that second album were their own songs, the other half cover versions. After they had released that second album, their first album rose into the charts again, sold 100,000 copies by the end of May 2006, and became a gold record in Germany. BossHoss played a lot of concerts in Germany and at summer festivals all over Europe.

  • Boss Burns (Alec Völkel) does vocals and plays the washboard
  • Hoss Power (Sascha Vollmer) does vocals, plays acoustic guitar and e-guitar
  • Sir Frank Doe (Ansgar Freyberg) plays drums
  • Hank Williamson (Malcolm Arison / previously Hank Doodle, Mathias Fauvet) plays mandoline, washboard, stylophone and harp
  • Guss Brooks (André Neumann) plays acoustic bass and e-bass
  • Russ T. Rocket (Stefan Buehler / previously Russ T. Nail, Dean Micetech) plays electric guitar
  • Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana (Tobias Fischer) does percussion, plays keytar and melodica


Internashville Urban Hymns (Released May 23, 2005)
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Возможно, потребуется перезагрузка страницы.

(Let's Go) Rodeo Radio (Released May 19, 2006)
Stallion Battalion (Released October 26, 2007)
Stallion Battalion live from Cologne (Released March 7, 2008) (Double-CD plus DVD)
Do or Die (2009)
Low Voltage (Released April 23, 2010)
Liberty of Action (2011)

Первый альбом залил, если кто-то захочет еще, то пишите...

+пара видео с ютуба
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Hellbound (27.03.2013), Юэ (28.04.2018)
Непрочитано 26.11.2015, 00:08   #2
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Re: The BossHoss

The BossHoss – Dos Bros (Deluxe Edition) (2015)

Southern Rock/Country/Rockabilly

на втором диске присутствую следующие кавер-версии:
"The Beautiful People" (Marilyn Manson)
"Candy Shop" (50 Cent)
"Geronimo" (Aura Dione)
"Thrift Shop" (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)
"What I Did For Love" (David Guetta)
"Jolene" (Dolly Parton)

zippyshare / rutracker

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