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Grind Список групп раздела | grindcore, deathgrind, goregrind, pornogrind, cybergrind, noisegrind, etc.

Метки: grindcore
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США Green Terror

первоначально собрались в 2001 году по названием Shock To The System. Записали в 2002-м демку на 5 песен. В 2004 разошлись по своим делам.
Затем в 2006-м снова сходятся,но уже под названием This Violent World. Записывают двухпесенную демку и снова откладывают проект.
Рестарт в октябре 2008 года уже под названием Green Terror. За 2009-2010 годы записывают 2 демки и в 2011 наконец-то разродились полноформатником.

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In late 2001 Angel (guitar), Josh (vox) and Tommy (drums) started the band SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM. In early 2002 they were joined by Jamie (guitar) and Bobby (bass). They played a handful of shows with this lineup. During the summer of 2002 they recorded their first demo, 5 songs of sludgy mid paced crust laden deathgrind. Things didn’t work out with Bobby so Caleb joined and they recorded a couple of songs with him live around Sep. 2002. They played shows all over southern California including The Roxy and The Whiskey. In 2004 Josh had to quit due to throat problems, Tommy left to tour and record with his hardcore band and STTS died due to member atrophy…

Early in 2006 Angel, Jamie, Josh and Caleb decided to restart STTS but instead with a different name, THIS VIOLENT WORLD. They got a different drummer, Tweeker Jesse from Downey. They had some ghetto-ass practices in a bad part of town and went on to play a dozens of shows and house parties over the course of that year. They played all the old material during that time, and wrote other ones like “Savage Man… Savage Beast.” They managed to record in the summer of 2006, but were not happy due to quality. Tweeker Jesse was a speed freak so you can guess how he was to deal with. For instance, he couldn’t play unless he was tweekin his balls off. Eventually they parted ways with him after a particularly aggravating recording session and he moved back to east LA. They took another break…

In October 2008 Angel, Josh and Caleb started in again, this time with Wyatt on drums. Yet again they changed the name, this time to GREEN TERROR, which it shall remain (haha). Over the course of the next year they played all over the Inland Empire and desert areas of southern California. In Oct. 2009 they recorded the “death and destruction” 8 song demo with that lineup. In January 2010 they recorded the “heathengrind” 4 song demo. Shortly thereafter Andrew joined on second guitar. In July of 2010 Wyatt and Caleb left and Martin took over on drums. Later that year, after several shows without a bass player Rob joined. Warrior was added as a second vocalist but has a crazy schedule and is at some shows and not at others. In the spring of 2011 they recorded “heathengrind holocaust” a 10 song demo with the current lineup. Josh handled all vocal duties due to Warrior being unavailable at the time. Andrew stepped up and did the second vox on the IMPETIGO cover “dis-organ-ized”.

GREEN TERRROR is currently writing for numerous releases for the year of 2011, finished songs include “Underneath Your Boots” “The Devil Blows Goats” “Ghetto Blaster” “Twitch of the Death Nerve” “Terror at Camp 9” “Fascist Fuck” and a revamped version of “Savage Man…Savage Beast”.



(300 CDRs with art)
1. combat shock
2. el salvador death squad
3. bleeding like a stuck pig
4. rats
5. fall down babylon
(available as a split CDR with S.T.T.S. only 50 made with art)
1. savage man…savage beast
2. el salvador death squad
GREEN TERROR - death and destruction
(200 CDRs with art)
1. life is cheap…
2. boot hill
3. blood death
4. eaten alive!
5. attack of the le’ak
6. misanthropic anthropohagus
7. savage man…savage beast
8. neo-natal abortion clinic
GREEN TERROR - heathengrind
(100 CDRs with art)
1. i drink your blood
2. el salvador death squad
3. nancy is a cunt!
4. dumpster baby
GREEN TERROR - heathengrind warfare
comp of (“death and destruction” and “heathengrind”)
GREEN TERROR - heathengrind holocaust
1. ritualistic extermination
2. atrocities
3. bano de sangre
4. dis-organ-ized
5. radiation overdose
6. passion of the manson christ
7. dead on the beach
8. crime against humanity
9.bleeding like a stuck pig
10. cop on fire


2011 - Heathengrind Holocaust

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GT на VA - Operation Grindcore Vol.1 (2011)

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время прошло, так особо и не наступив
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Re: Green Terror

Green Terror - 2012 - Microwave Massacre EP


1. Attack of the Le'Ak 01:42
2. Microwave Massacre 00:50
3. Blood Death 01:21
4. The Devil Blows Goats 01:33

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more noise for life
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Re: Green Terror

Captain Three Leg / Green Terror - Split (2013)

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