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hiroshima looking for FRONT MAN (VOCALIST)

Demo 🥁
Describe in comments what you imagine or feel 😉 we appreciate this 🙏

Overview ⛩
We’re looking for a front man (vocalist) for our band as a permanent member. You love to sing and write poetry with a deep sense and life-proof motivation.

Together we will complete hiroshima’s point of view to the music sound and perceptions, song concepts, gigs, visual perceptions to help our beloved listeners (and future too) clearly understand what hiroshima do and why to exist. We will seduce our listeners to know more about things in our song on gigs and records.

You are… 😀
– musician for which music is the biggest passion in life 🤘;
– understand when you fail, know why and how to fix it;
– can sing extreme and clean vocal technics;
– can transform your thoughts to clean and expressive poetry with authentic rhythm and melody.

You want… 😲
– to have the freedom to realize your own ideas;
– to play with open-minded musicians;
– to play experimental music;
– to stun people by the music.

Who We Are 😝🎭🌊😍
Hiroshima is a band with the confidence to believe it can fundamentally change the principle of music perception — unite people around the idea, not music style.

We do music because we ourselves are people and appreciate human identity & nature that makes life diverse. We are incredibly ambitious, yet humble and also warm, accepting, positive and we try to convey this to as many people and places as we can. Live in the moment and have fun together without borders — this is all we about.

Do you love how it feels to create something new?
So we have to find the right humans to make that happen.
Write us, we need you 👇

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