Обзоры по автору Тихон Лютый

Technically, story of Polish-Ukrainian band Bastard Disco begins in 2015, a year after vocalist Yuri Kasianenko moved from Kiev to Warsaw. I will start a little earlier though, since this is a review for neformat.com.ua, which plays a favorable role in a band`s background.

I breathe, and you breathe
We both breathe the air
"Що ти собі думаєш?"
("What are you thinking of?")

Very little news has been heard about Dakh Daughters over recent years. They don`t comment on political events, don`t post photo shoots neither they do participate in selection for Eurovision, as ЦеШо (TseSho), the newest project of Vlad Troitsky.

As we look at musical phenomena nowadays, some immediately reveal all the shallow motivation in them, right down to target audience and western references. That`s no big deal, since people`s needs in music, love it or not, are already prone to scientific analysis and systematization. But the fact that such a cold-blooded approach offends the ear and harms your ability to believe a musician is hard to ignore. And if you ask me about Ukrainian projects that derive their passion from within their soul rather than following a trend, then one of the first to recall is a Ukrainian-Polish acoustic emo project Light Matters.