Обзоры по автору Олекса Ковальов-Блїдий

The prevailing conservative majority in Ukraine and throughout the world believes that changes are always for worse, or at least it is a strange game with a taste of treason. But in order to live in the modern world, we must accept the only constant — changes.

The Ukrainian school of death metal is not often pleased with the views of Florida. Recently, the albums of this direction come from a landmark in Sweden (for example, a super-band Necrom). So, for a long time, gentlemen from the band Bleeding have released an album that had the spirit of Florida, but not so much that it could be said that the brain was directly damaged by rotten Southern flesh.

Suddenly, simply from nowhere appears a new album by the band with the weird name Дідько Лисий (Bald Devil), which would be more suitable for some caricature black metal or something else in this spirit. However, this bias is refuted with the first sounds that immediately say that everything is not so easy.