Discovering Hungarian music scene: Heartlapse and 10 more interesting bands

Finally we found the band from neighbor Hungary! The post-hardcore Heartlapse recently released the first full-length album and now are ready to share some interesting facts about it and the local underground scene.

A 4-piece Hungarian/Italian band based in Budapest

Formed in 2014, the band released the debut EP “Absent Surface'' in 2015, a desperately aggressive and melancholic piece between metalcore and post-rock. After a few line-up changes, they released their second EP “Afterimage”, in which they moved towards post-hardcore and screamo, approaching music in a more experimental way with the introduction of an electronic touch supported by the synthesizer. In 2021 they released their first full length album and their most mature and complex work called “Remains”. Completely self-produced, it contains the last years’ research towards a more distinctive sound and recurring the themes related to the existentialist philosophy. Moreover, the band explored the connection between music, performing arts and cinema deeper, which influenced their songwriting and their latest music videos.

"Remains" album

From the very beginning of the writing process we planned this record in its entirety, working on the connections between the tracks to shape a precise structure that revolves around a few recurring themes. We focused on a dark and melancholic atmosphere, related to the leitmotif of decaying and the feeling of becoming unfamiliar inside our own bodies during such a deteriorating process (either physiological or psychological).
To describe this perception, we pointed out a keyword that is also the psychological concept – uncanniness. In the end, the album reflects on a complex question: what lasts of the traces that we leave behind? What's left of the sentiments when they are over, and even the memories fade out, and what's the meaning of these traces for those who remain?

Besides, the lyrics explore the struggles of finding a place to belong, the sensation of always being at the margins of community, events or family. In general, we expressed the feeling of inadequacy in every life situation in a way that it can be linked to some of the works of the Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran. The album artwork visually symbolizes and summarizes all the topics mentioned above. We took inspiration from the consuetude used in the past to conserve a body part of a holy person as a relic, to build a place of pilgrimage, with a statue that would represent him, around it. From a more laic point of view, it refers to the life episode of the composer André Grétry whose heart was placed inside his commemorative bronze statue in Liège.


Connection with Ukraine

Unfortunately, none of us has been to Ukraine yet, and we have to confess our ignorance about Ukranian bands and its underground music scene in general. Yes, it’s a shame! There are only a few bands we like and can mention, for example, Memorials and Jinjer… but we’d like to discover more, and from now, thanks to Neformat, it is gonna be much easier!


Underground scene in Hungary 

The Hungarian music scene has changed in the last few years. Ten years ago, underground music genres such as metal and hardcore were quite popular in Budapest, and also in the countryside. Nowadays not much of it has remained, but there are still some people who try to keep the scene alive and organize events. A great example of it may be the small DIY festival called Hell Vill that still resists and has become a landmark in the Hungarian underground scene. In general, Hungary is going through hard times concerning everything related to culture. One of the most popular music clubs called Dürer kert was forced to move away from its historical location and it is just one of the multiple attacks that have been perpetuated against independent arts and music during the last years. It's evident that the diversity scares this type of politics whose only final goal is to profit.

Due to the pandemic, the situation has been even harder as we all know. We had only one show in between the first and the second wave at A38, a unique venue on the Danube in a decommissioned stone-carrier ship that operated in Ukraine. So, as many other bands, we focused mainly on songwriting, always keeping our positive attitude.


Top 10 Hungarian bands (who they are and why we picked them)

Lastly Heartlapse named 10 interesting local bands from Hungary we should listen to:


These are the old friends of ours, we shared the stage several times and they are about to release their third full-length album this year. For those who likes emotional hardcore it is defenitely worth a listen!


A fresh hardcore punk band from Budapest, the sound of which is expressed through the social sensitivity and drum-driven passion of crust punk, the low-tuned yet threatening guitar themes of 00s deathcore and nu-metal while the essence of the sound is coming from a natural punk attitude that overrules any genre. The lyrics are based on topics of inequality, social injustice and tyrant regimes in the Central-Eastern region.


A pseudo-exotic psych-math trio based in Budapest. The unique sound, great production and originality, mind-blowing live shows.

Berriloom and the doom

They are claimed of being a “fluffy band from Budapest, incorporates various cute melodies”. For us, however, it’s the favorite emo trio from home.

Orion dawn

Modern metal/post-rock band from the east part of Hungary. We definitely recommend to listen to their last LP which is really creative and colorful.


The most energetic metal/hardcore band in Hungary. You have to see them live, the madness is guaranteed.

Wasted Struggle

In 2020 they released “Agenda of Fear” – one of the best hardcore albums of the last few years. What else to say?


2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 synth, 1,5 drumkits and fell voices of the collective desolation: hardcore experimentation at its finest.

Anchorless Bodies

Anchorless Bodies blurred screamo and melodic hardcore elements together with their unique style. They added some black metal elements to their second album with a good sense of musical taste.

Sirens Chant

A great mix of post-rock and metalcore, merged in a dark and melancholic atmosphere. They are currently working on new material and will collaborate with our vocalist Luca on a music video clip.


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