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Weekly Digest February 14 — 20

New (heavy) collaboration of The Body, death metal from the masters of their craft – Immolation, new project of Matt Pike (Sleep, High On Fire) and also hip-hop, blackened death metal and much of death for any possible taste in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest February 7 — 13

This week is truly all about good releases: Amorphis, Zeal & Ardor, Cult Of Luna, Voivod, Napalm Death та Author & Punisher. And also some emotional punk and a bit of cold doom, as usual, in our Weekly Digest!

Weekly Digest January 31 січня — February 6

Today is a good day for the fans of extreme bands with female vocals – new albums by Venom Prison and Rolo Tomassi are here, also we got experimental post-punk / shoegaze by Brooklyn-based A Place To Bury Strangers, Korn and their fourteenth full-length, punk, black and death metal – all this in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest January 24-30

Powerful music from French Celeste, Cloakroom with its concept album, long and hypnotic two-song album by Earthless, as well as many different types of death metal, metallic hardcore, hellish mix of sludge, rock'n'roll and grindcore, and heavy metal in our Weekly Digest!

Weekly Digest January 10-16

It’s Friday, so the time for new releases has come! Veterans such as Elvis Costello and Tony Martin, death metal madness by Party Cannon, hypnotizing black metal by Wiegedood, emotional post-rock by Toundra, and also crust, deathcore and metalcore in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest 03-09 January

Powerviolence, grindcore, post-black, progressive metal, thrash, death and even symphonic folk-rock in our first Weekly Digest of 2022!

Редакційний топ: найкращі альбоми 2021 від Віталія Лендєла

Й останній редакційний плейлист цьогоріч від Віталія Лендєла — SMM-менеджера, відеомонтажера, учасника гурту Обрій. До вашої уваги метал, хіп-хоп та хардкор.

Редакційний топ: найкращі альбоми 2021 від Єлизавети Джулай

Єлизаветa Джулай — рецензентка, журналістка, а віднедавна і новинна редакторка Неформату ділиться своїм прогово-думовим плейлистом.

Редакційний топ: найкращі альбоми 2021 від Єгора Фелюста

Блек-метал, хардкор, дарк ембієнт та інші цікаві стилі цілком добре уживаються у плейлисті нашого івент-менеджера та рецензента Єгора Фелюста. Зацініть його і ви. 

Редакційний топ: найкращі альбоми 2021 від Аліни Плеської

Продовжуємо редакційні топи підбіркою випускової редакторки Аліни Плеської, яка відбирала свій плейлист за принципом "зачепило чи ні".

Редакційний топ: найкращі альбоми 2021 від Шпината

А ось і найновіший формально, але не практично, учасник нашої редакції — Шпинат, який вже не перший рік веде щотижневу регулярну рубрику Weekly Digest, тож його смакам точно можна довіряти!

Редакційний топ: найкращі альбоми 2021 від Ярини Денисюк

Цьогоріч замість одного великого Yearly Digest ми представляємо серію топів від учасників редакції. Уклав її все той же Шпинат, і принцип відбору закордонних релізів лишається незмінним — ми радимо те, що найдужче сподобалося особисто нам, але не обов'язково претендує на звання шедевру для всіх. 

Weekly Digest December 6 — 12

December is pretty poor with releases, but we have something interesting for you anyway. Electronic music by Shane Embury, a great combination of punk and new wave from Canadians Home Front, black metal, funeral doom for those who have to work up to holidays, death metal, and an unfairly missed album released last week – this all, as usual, is in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest November 29 — December 5

From space-rock to post black, from post-punk to blackened death metal, and even to Christmas pop-punk – that’s how we move today in our Weekly Digest!

Weekly Digest November 22-28 листопада

Today we have new releases by Hypocrisy and Cynic, the supergroup Lock Up with unstoppable grindcore, lots of black metal for every taste, modern British skinheads, and epic heavy metal in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest November 15-21

Extended Converge line-up, new Exodus, post-black metal masterpiece, doom and gloom, tеch death, hardcore and more in our Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest November 8-14

An interesting and inspiring album from Delta Sleep, meaty 200 Stab Wounds, IDLES, Teutonic thrash by Bonded, Swedish death metal form Unleashed, stylish hard rock by Tower, as well as stoner rock, blackened atmospheric death metal and garage punk'n'roll in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest November 1-7

In this week edition we talk about several Halloween specials, estimate new albums by the avant-garde Diablo Swing Orchestra and hard-working Portrayal of Guilt. In addition, we got fresh black metal, seasoned with cavernous death metal and metallic hardcore, and for non-metalheads — great post-punk, bedroom pop and always sad Emma Ruth Rundle. Welcome to our Weekly Digest!

Weekly Digest October 25-31

New Mastadon and Whitechapel, Monolord’s doom and Lucifer’s occult rock, depressive black metal by Ghost Bath, OSDM Conjureth, progressive everything by Kayo Dot, sick hardcore punk from Colombia Unidad Ideológica, garage punk by Wine Lips and even more black metal by Goat Torment – all this in the latest issue of our regular column Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest October 18-24

October 22 is a great day for music fans, it was very difficult to choose only 10 releases for this edition of the Weekly Digest, so you will need to google a new Dream Theater’s LP for yourself. In our selection you will find Angel Du$t, Cradle Of Filth, Every Time I Die, OSDM by Massacre and death doom by Worm, great heavy metal albums by Shadowland and Seven Sisters, Knife with sharp metal punk, psychedelic blues rock Dooms Children by Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire / Gallows) and "Slamming Gore Groove" by Waking The Cadaver. Also, do not forget to check out the new album of 1914, it is not in the digest, but Neformat will definitely write about it. 

Weekly Digest October 11-17

Today’s news is Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes turned out fun, and new Twelve Foot Ninja is expectedly weird. October, a spooky season is in full swing — an animated film and an EP from Knocked Loose, a horror music film from ICE NINE KILLS and classic evil from HATE, as well as darkwave from Iceland Kælan Mikla are great confirmations of that. And more, noise rock veterans Cherubs and post punk debutante Witch Fever, crossover metal SNAFU and acoustic The Melvins... this all is in our Weekly Digest. 

Weekly Digest October 4-10

What we have today is Texas death metal by Creeping Death, new Trivium, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, classic and technical death metal, as well as black metal with elements of spaghetti westerns and bestial one, not to mention punk rock and arthouse metal... It’s all, as usual, in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest September 27 — October 3

This pre-October week has brought us music from the industrial legends Ministry, Full Of Hell with its long-awaited LP (whole 20 minutes of it), joint effort album by Big|Brave and The Body, EP from Enslaved, as well as noise rock, black metal in its various manifestations and Finnish punk, and this all is already checked in our Weekly Digest.

Weekly Digest Septermber 20-26

Autumn music has come — Brooklyn gloom from A Pale Horse Named Death, gothic heavy metal by Unto Others, for the gloomiest ones — Scepticism is here. Also, Angels & Airwaves (ex-Blink 182), Poppy with her weird genre salad, progressive metal by Rivers Of Nihil, melodic hardcore of One Step Closer and more heavy and speed metal in our Weekly Digest.